About us: bistade.com

Founded in March 2019, Bistade.com is a website where you can see how we work with our bees, and read about our production of 100% Danish honey. We are member of DBF / Odder & Omegns Biavlerforening (membership number 57 364). If you want to know more about the association, follow this link.
Our goal is to use natural treatments for bee diseases / parasites, without pesticides. We respect the animal welfare, and train ourselves constantly in the newest methods, how to work most gently with bees. If you would like to know more about our work, or want to see our bees in action, please contact us via our contact form. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, where you can see pictures and keep yourself up to date with our work on bees and honey.
Our bees are in Tiset and Solbjerg. Tiset is a small village in East Jutland under Tiset Sogn, 14 kilometers south of Aarhus and 3 kilometers north of Solbjerg. The village consists of 9 houses and 5 farms. Tiset is located in the municipality Aarhus, and belongs to the region Central Denmark.